Features of our cross-dressing transvestite costumes

●Since these are purchased from the same manufacturer as women, they are not clothes for cross-dressers. We offer a wide range of sizes with clothes that will make you look like a real girl.

●We always have the latest trendy clothes incorporating women's trends.

■About size
Sizes are OK from 7 to 5L! We have a wide range of sizes available. Of course, we also have cute clothes in larger sizes.

■About underwear (lingerie)
We offer a wide range of products, from common underwear to high-end underwear(lingerie) such as Salute. If you would like to buy a new product, we will do the shopping for you.

■Types of clothes
We offer over 1,000 types in a wide range of genres, including neat office lady style, invited one-piece dresses, mature woman style, body-con, sweet lolita, long-sleeved kimono (Japanese kimono), bondage, and sailor uniforms. We also have clothing that is not shown in the photo, so please feel free to contact us.

*We will let you know the details of the clothes when you make a reservation.