Thorough hygiene management

1.About cross-dressing

Our rental sets are always available in new condition

①About clothes and underwear
About clothes and underwear Clothes and underwear used by customers will be cleaned immediately after use. All clothing and underwear that you try on will also be cleaned.
We always keep them in a clean condition.

②About the wig
Wigs can get dirty on your scalp even if you use them for a short time. At our store, all wigs that must be tried on are washed, so they are always in a clean condition.

2.About tools

①All tools during play must be cleaned up and disinfected after each play, so you can use them with confidence.

②We always put skins on our tools.

3.About STD testing

①Our staff members, both male and female, undergo regular STD testing.

Please note that due to the coronavirus, our staff will be thoroughly washing, gargling, and disinfecting their hands when they visit.