Crossdressing lesbian


Welcome to the world of cross-dressing lesbians where you can have sweet and sexy moments・・・


Course content


Playcast will bring several items of clothing, wigs, underwear, etc. that you requested. You can choose clothes etc. from among them and transform into the woman of your choice.
After wearing the clothes you have chosen, we will apply cross-dressing make-up.
For cross-dressing makeup, you can choose cast makeup or professional makeup.
*Professional makeup is an additional charge.


After completing the cross-dressing make-up, you will find yourself transformed into the girl you want to transform into.


Once you have transformed into a cute girl, Playcast will gently guide you into the world of sexy cross-dressing lesbians.

※Please rest assured that the content of the play will be based on your requests. Please feel free to contact us.

Reservation process

  1. Please use the form below to fill in your preferred date and time, up to your 3rd choice, and then submit. At this time, please set your reception settings so that you can receive the reply email address
  2. After adjusting the date and time, we will contact you regarding available reservation dates.
  3. Once we receive an OK email from you, we will send you an email explaining the process leading up to the day, your wishes for cross-dressing clothes, and your play preferences.
  4. Once we receive your reply, your reservation will be completed.

Course flow

  1. Please arrive at the hotel 30 to 60 minutes before your reservation time and inform us of your room number.
  2. When visiting us, we will bring the clothes, underwear, wigs, heels, pantyhose, and other full-female clothing and makeup tools that you asked us about when making your reservation.
  3. You will be asked to choose the clothes and underwear they have brought with them, and after the shower, they will be forced to change their clothes. (Many first-time persons who do not know how to put on a bra or pantyhose, so we will help you with everything.)
  4. Communication time while applying make-up (make-up may be applied as part of the play).
  5. Once you are fully dressed as a woman, you can start playing.
  6. Your imagination explodes!! Please enjoy the moment when your body and mind become a girl as the female cast performs lewd acts.
  7. Make-up off at the end of play (At our store, our staff will carefully remove your make-up).
  8. Our playcast exits.

Course fee

90min 30000yen
110min 40000yen
130min 50000yen

※This includes makeup time and make-off time, changing clothes after complete cross-dressing, and shower time, so if you choose the 120-minute course, the play time will be about 40 to 50 minutes. If you want to enjoy playing for a long time, we recommend the 130-minute course.

All included!

(Including 1 to 6 below)

  1. Rental fee for complete cross-dressing transformation (wig, underwear, clothes, pantyhose, shoes, accessories, etc.).
  2. Full cross-dressing full make-up fee
  3. Make-off fee
  4. Play fee
  5. Play equipment rental fee
  6. Option fees such as lesbian play

Hotel fee is separate

Charged option

  1. deep kiss 2000yen
  2. play photography 20000yen
    (Includes 10 photos after retouching)
  3. Carry on light: 5,000 yen per unit

*Please contact us for other options.

Please contact us for more information

email address :


Email address:
Crossdressing lesbian
Play course:
Date and time:

※Please note that we will not respond to inquiries that clearly seem to be ridiculing.
Also, if you contact us from a mobile phone, we may not be able to reply.
Please make a reservation/contact by setting the following address to be able to receive messages.
Receivable setting ,

important points

  • This is a passive play for the customer. You can feel it in your anus, you can feel it in your nipples, and you can ejaculate. However, it cannot be inserted into a woman.
  • Play time is defined as the time from when a cast member enters the room until they leave the room.
  • If you would like to extend your playing time, you can do so by calling the store.
  • There will be no refunds even if play ends early due to the customer's convenience.
  • Play time is limited to the reserved time on the reserved date.
  • The cancellation policy is as follows.
    50% cancellation fee will be charged the day before.
    100% cancellation fee on the day.
  • Please change your schedule at least one week in advance.

Prohibited matter

  • The prohibited items are as follows.
    Acts that harm the Playcast mentally or physically.
  • The act of forcing sex.